PP Lids

EcoCrate's PP – Polypropylene Lids

PP Lids (Polypropylene Lids)

Welcome to EcoCrate, where innovation meets functionality with our range of PP lids! Designed to provide secure sealing and preserve freshness, our lids are the perfect complement to your food containers.

Crafted from durable polypropylene (PP), our lids offer a reliable solution for all your packaging needs. Whether you’re storing leftovers, packing lunches, or serving drinks on-the-go, our PP lids ensure that your contents stay secure and protected.


  • Suitable for 1300ml bowls
  • Refrigerent Safe
  • Microwavable
  • Dia: 185mm
  • Weight: 17gm


  • Suitable for 1000, 750 & 500 ml bowls
  • Refrigerent Safe
  • Microwavable
  • Dia: 150mm
  • Weight: 11gm

Why choose our PP lids?

  1. Secure sealing: With a snug fit and reliable closure, our PP lids keep your food and beverages fresh for longer.
  2. Versatile compatibility: Our lids are designed to fit a variety of food containers and beverage cups, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  3. Durable construction: Made from high-quality PP material, our lids are resistant to cracking, bending, and leakage, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  4. Easy to use: Our lids are designed for convenience, with features such as easy-grip handles and quick-release tabs for effortless opening and closing.
PP Lids

PP Lids

Make the smart choice with our PP lids and experience the difference in quality and convenience. Explore our range today and elevate your packaging game with ease and confidence.